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Psychosexual Psychotherapy

Psychosexual Psychotherapy is a talking therapy aiming to help people with a range of sexual dysfunctions such as:

*Premature ejaculation
*Erection difficulty
*Low libido
*Painful sex

or issues like:

*Sexual identity
*Relationship problems
*Sexual addictions

One of the key elements of the therapy is distinguishing if the problem is physical or psychological. This is sometimes done in cooperation with your GP or with your gynaecologist or urologist.
Once it is established that the problem is psychological or combined (psychological and physiological) we can start with the therapy.

The therapy might involve incorporating some of the behavioural exercises into your sexual routine as well as exploring your emotions, physical sensations and thoughts. If you are in a relationship I might ask your partner to come along as well. I would also ask you to complete the tasks/exercises and to provide feedback.
Sometimes the problem could be resolved very quickly but sometimes it might take a longer time.
Regardless of the end result clients usually gain more self-confidence and much better understanding of themselves, their bodies, emotions and thoughts

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